The British Government in London started hearing of this ‘Black Market’ in Volkswagens and appointed an Industrial Lawyer Dr. Herman Munch to take charge of Volkswagen. Although Dr. Munch was allowed access to the factory, Major Hirst refused to take orders from him. The Royal Military Police was instructed to investigate, after a 6 week investigation it was found that everything was legal and in order. Major Ivan Hirst’s bookeeping was faultless, with every transaction correctly recorded, every car made had serial numbers and paperwork and each barter deal was legal and recorded. PRE67VW
In May 1949 – VOLKSWAGENWERK AG was formed and then in October ’49 the Volkswagen factory was officially handed back to the Germans under the leadership of Heinz Nordhoff. At the end of 1951, Major Hirst was demobbed and returned to civilian life in England. PRE67VW


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