The last Generation

“Whose planet? Our planet!” They appear to be a group of normal teenage girls taking selfies on their way to meet other friends. In reality, they are nationwide organizers of the Youth Climate Strike US.

“Se isso acontecer”, diz Hirsi, “estaremos na rua e lutamos por isso por meses.” Foto: Matt Eich

“If it comes to that,” says Isra Hirsi, 16, “we will be on the street and fighting for this for months.” Photo: Matt Eich

These teenage girls represent a women-led climate justice movement that both inspires and makes adults in power uncomfortable. These aren’t just teenagers with passionate political opinions. They are teenagers setting the tone for a climate justice movement in the United States, a youth movement that could finally confront the U.S.’s role in climate change. They define themselves as the last generation that can effectively stop climate change. Prince Shakur – The Cleanest Line

Famed writer and earth-lover Edward Abbey once said, “Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”

The cruel truth is that Earth is in the process of becoming uninhabitable under an environmentally destructive political/economic system. The comfortable delusion is that we are safe to ignore it or that more cannot be done.


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